Dr (Doctor) an expert in health care - beauty - happiness for women

TÁO The symbol of intellectual wisdom and another meaning of the apple is desire, purity - this is certainly known to everyone in the garden of Eden

The HỒNG Color color of the heart of the GIRL is full of dreams. Pink can be considered as a privileged color of women. Tears, whether happy or miserable, still blush cheeks, lips are still sweet, soul and heart are always full of positive emotions to create happiness for yourself and happiness for people. other..

pink apple pays special attention to and love for Vietnamese women: Always motivate women to take initiative in taking care of their body, proactively affectionate, proactive love! More than intellect, her warm heart wants to convey to Vietnamese women endless inspiration about a beauty of Harmony - Balance - Sustainability. STRONG - BEAUTY - HAPPY AND each of us join hands for the advancement and development of Vietnamese women: BE HEALTHY TO SHARE - DO NOT TAKE physical, mental or sexual violence. Dr Táo Hồng HGB with Dr Táo Hồng HGB takes action towards rural women and ethnic minorities to approach social progress to eliminate custom and prejudice. Support women to start businesses, inspire the community, and help women be more independent and confident and healthier and happier!