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October 5, 2019
HGB – Pink Herbal Hygiene For Women
October 5, 2019

HGB Men’s Herbal Hygiene – Glass Apple


Men’s private parts are very important in preserving the strong sense of masculinity. It really needs to be loved in its own way. HGB accompanies the men to conquer the challenge 3 in 1: Red acne, pustules, blisters, fungal itching …; Pink skin, masculine fragrance.

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Main ingredient

HGB male herbal herbal essences are extracted entirely from natural herbs including extracts of: Aloe vera, Rhododendron, Chrysanthemum, Green tea leaves, Betel leaf, Radial, Mint, Honeysuckle Flower, Yellow Turmeric, Rustic Wood, Enough Pure Water.


Men can get penile cancer usually over the age of 40, accounting for 6% -9% of all cancers.

Penile cancer usually arises in the glans or on the glans and then quickly prevents the foreskin from pulling up.

Cancer metastasizes in the lymphatic tract into lymph nodes in the groin and behind the scrotum. These nodes are usually swollen very large, at first tender and painful due to bacterial infection, later enlarged, stiff, not moving. The lymph nodes can spread to the skin and become ulcerated, sometimes deep down, into the bloodstream, causing excessive bleeding.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Genital plaques appear when the penis is not cleaned properly, which causes the formation of a thick layer of mucus, causing cancer.
  • Foreskin stenosis is a common cause of penile cancer. When the foreskin is narrowed, men often have difficulty cleaning the foreskin, which causes white fluids and residues to accumulate, which causes cancer.
  • Illnesses like penile inflammation, especially the glans area and glans groove; Benign tumors such as vascular tumors; Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, genital warts, etc.
  • Having unhealthy sex, having multiple sex partners, abusing sexual devices, having poor hygiene after having sex.

Prevention of penis cancer is the first measure to preserve this vital organ.

Thuong Hoang Mushroom , an oriental medicine that has a wonderful anti-cancer effect and nourishes, maintains the youthful beauty of the skin. Contributes to good protection during chemotherapy for cancer treatment. A harmonious combination of natural herbs that do not contain soap, chemical fragrance, do not need to mix with water when used, is the essence should be used in small quantities.

Balanced pH, without irritation, moisturizes, does not dry out the skin, cleanses gently, eliminates odors.

Help to solve the itchiness.

The fragrance is mellow and keeps the mucosa soft and fresh.

Hoang Gia products can meet all diverse hygiene needs of men: daily, before and after sex, especially good when treating inflammation, fungus, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts chicken, cold sores, flagella, orange …


– Hygiene for men, gentle cleaning, deodorant, skin care, no pain, balanced pH. Protecting the genital area helps prevent fungi and bacteria that cause inflammation and fungus. Natural scent, no odorant, no colorant gives you the feeling of confidence to affirm the strong sense of masculinity.

– Products suitable for daily hygiene for men with: inflammation, fungus, itching, infection with gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses such as Herpes (causing genital warts), gonorrhea and syphilis …

How to use

Clean the genital area with clean water, then spray the product directly on the penis, stretch the foreskin skin to reveal the foreskin so that it can spray the entire penis, each skin around the penis, spraying the whole penis the “scrotum” section.

No need to rinse with other types of water, to create a natural biofilm to prevent fungi and bacteria from growing within 12 hours.

Should be used daily, especially before and after sex, depending on the health of your private parts determine how many times to clean the private parts of the day.

For boyfriends who are in an inflammatory condition, itchy fungi should clean their private parts 2 to 4 times a day.


Shake well before using, do not need to dilute, read the instructions before use, keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place below 30 ° C, away from direct sunlight.

Tighten bottle cap after use.


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