HGB – Herbal Apples For Women
October 3, 2019
HGB – Green Herbal Hygiene Essence – Green
October 5, 2019

HGB – Herbal For Women Pink Spay


Only HGB gives you 6-in-1 happiness: clean, clean air, deodorizes bad air, fresh herbal scents, helps prevent and treat bacterial yeast infections, moisturizes pink skin, helps Women are more confident and attractive.

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Main ingredient

HGB herbal feminine essence is extracted from natural herbs.

The main ingredients include extracts of: Royal Mushroom, Green tea leaves, Betel leaf, Aloe vera, Honeysuckle gold, Turmeric, To join, Earth spirit, Spearmint, Rose essential oil, Enough pure water .

Product characteristics

Thuong Hoang Mushroom, an oriental medicine that has a wonderful anti-cancer effect and nourishes, maintains the youthful beauty of the skin.

Contributes to good protection during chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

A harmonious combination of natural herbs that do not contain soap, chemical fragrance, do not need to mix with water when used, is the essence should be used in small quantities.

Balanced pH, without irritation, moisturizes, does not dry out the skin, cleanses gently, eliminates odors.

Thoroughly tackle itchiness.

Gentle fragrance, keeps the vaginal mucosa soft, fresh pink.

The product line of Royal is quite rich that can meet all the diverse hygiene needs of women: daily, menstrual period , pregnancy , postpartum , before and after sex , Especially good for women who are treating gynecological inflammation .

Exquisite design, compact, convenient to carry anytime, anywhere.


HGB herbal essence is used to clean the vagina daily, gently cleanses, deodorizes, moisturizes, does not dry out, balancing pH to create natural moisture for the vagina.

Protecting the genital area helps prevent fungi and bacteria that cause gynecological fungal infections and bad breath.

Essence of rose gives girlfriend a sense of confidence, charm when used.

The product is suitable for daily use for all subjects, before and after sex, women during menstruation.

The product is suitable for daily vaginal hygiene for women suffering from itching, vaginal discharge, unpleasant odor.

Soothing aloe vera essence feels confident, fresh when used

HGB products are the optimal choice for daily vaginal hygiene for women with vaginal itching or burning, vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge, Trichomonas infection with Chlamydia trachomatis causing infertility , deodorization.

Soothing aloe vera essence feels confident, fresh when used. The product is good for pregnant women and postpartum

How to use

Clean the genital area with water then spray the product directly on the genital area, without rinsing with other types of water, to create a natural biofilm to prevent fungi and bacteria from growing within 12 hours.

Use a clean towel to dry after using.

Should be used daily, depending on the gynecological health of his girlfriend decides how many times to clean private parts of the day.

For girlfriends during menstruation, postpartum or in an inflammatory condition, itchy mushrooms should clean the private area 2 to 4 times a day.


Shake well before using, do not need to dilute, read the instructions before use, keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place below 30 ° C, away from direct sunlight.

Tighten bottle cap after use.


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