Privacy Policy

1. Purpose

Currently, information security has become a hot issue on all online channels. This not only makes it difficult for organizations and individuals to access and trade, but also causes troubles beyond the control of the system.

Privacy policy and sharing of HGB’s customer information as a commitment with the desire to improve service quality, ensure information security of individuals and organizations when participating in online access or transactions. continued on website.

We understand that protecting and properly using your information is also protecting your trust and love for us.

2. Terms applicable

2.1. Update customer information

– When participating in opening an account or dealing directly on HGB, customers need to provide all required information including full name, address, phone number, etc. in order to meet the conditions. deal.

– The personal information you provide to HGB should ensure accuracy and completeness to prevent confusion or fraud.

Any errors or inaccuracies in the information provided will directly affect the interests of customers. Therefore, HGB will not be responsible for any disputes arising out of this case.

2.2. Store and keep customer information confidential

– All information provided by customers and transaction content are kept strictly confidential by HGB on the system.

– HGB undertakes not to sell or share resulting in the disclosure of your personal information, not for commercial purposes, but to violate our commitment stated in this privacy policy.

– HGB is always ready for technical and security team to take measures to deal with cases of intentional intrusion and unauthorized use of customer information. When collecting data, HGB stores and secures customer information in the server system and these customer information is secured by the best protection systems available today, along with measures. Access control and data encryption.

– Customers are not allowed to use any program or tool to exploit and change data illegally on website All acts of intentional infringement, depending on the nature of the incident, we have the right to prosecute with the competent authorities according to the current law provisions.

– Customers should protect their confidential information by not sharing personal information as well as transaction information with third parties, being careful in login / logout accounts to exclude those information leakage incidents are not worthy.

2.3. Use the information

HGB has the right to legal use of customers’ personal information in the following cases to ensure your rights such as:

-Notification of information on advertising services, promotions … to customers according to your needs and habits when accessing

-Communication and customer support in special cases

– Immediately detect and prevent acts of tampering with or destroying customers’ accounts

2.4. Share information

HGB undertakes not to disclose customer information to third parties except for the following cases:

– Follow the requests of competent individuals and organizations according to the provisions of law

– It is necessary to use the information to serve the provision of services / utilities to customers

– Market research and analysis

– Exchange customer information with partners or distribution agents for improved service analysis

– In addition to the above cases, when it is necessary to exchange customer information for a third party, HGB will notify directly to customers and will only exchange information with the consent of customers.

3. Contact and answer questions

All suggestions / support needs, please call Hotline: 0932.209.686 or contact directly at:

Hoang Gia Southeast Pharmaceutical Company Limited Representative: Hoàng Thị Thuận Email: Address: Khu Lam Trai, Van Duong Ward, TP. Bac Ninh, Bac Ninh province